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14th July 2024

11:55 AM Bhutan Lottery result for today.
11:55 AM Bhutan Lottery Result

11:55 AM Bhutan Lottery Result

4:00 PM Bhutan Lottery result for today.
4:00 PM Bhutan Lottery Result

4:00 PM Bhutan Lottery Result

8:00 PM Bhutan Lottery result for today.
8:00 PM Bhutan Lottery Result

8:00 PM Bhutan Lottery Result

Bhutan Lottery

Overview of the Bhutan Lottery

Bhutan Lottery.

The Bhutan lottery, commonly known as the Kanchenjunga lottery, is an exciting gaming opportunity that releases its results three times a day, specifically at 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. The royal bhutan lottery is meticulously managed and conducted by the Bhutanese government, ensuring its smooth operation every day of the week. Though it is operated by the bhutan government, it’s main audience lies in India. This is not surprising considering the huge population of India and consequently it’s huge thirst for entertainment. Moreover, India is an ever growing economy. The lottery market will only grow.

Prize Structure of the Bhutan Lottery

Participants can look forward to a variety of prizes:

  • First prize: Ten thousand rupees
  • Consolation prize: Two thousand rupees
  • Second prize: Nine thousand five hundred rupees
  • Third prize: Nine thousand rupees
  • Fourth prize: Six hundred rupees
  • Fifth prize: Three hundred rupees
  • Sixth prize: One hundred thirty rupees

This diverse prize structure makes the Kanchenjunga lottery an appealing prospect for many.

Increasing prize structure of Bhutan Lottery.
Day11:55 AM4.00 P.M8.00 P.M
MondayKanchenjunga Nallaneram MorningKanchenjunga Super DayKanchenjunga Queen Evening
TuesdayKumaran MorningDelux DayStar Evening
WednesdayVishnu MorningRose DayKing Evening
ThursdayThangam MorningSincere DayLucky Evening
FridayParrot MorningSilver DayGlamour Evening
SaturdayPeacock MorningGender DayVenus Evening
SundayBulbul MorningBenefit DayPower Evening
Bhutan Lottery Schedule and Names

Legal Framework in India for the Bhutan Lottery

Bhutan, a picturesque and neighboring country of India, has integrated its lottery system in a manner that aligns with the legal frameworks of various Indian states. In India, lotteries are legal in 13 states, and each of these states has its own regulations concerning the sale of lottery tickets. To know more on this, click on legality of lotteries in India more a detailed dive in. Some state governments issue their own lottery tickets, while others permit the sale of lottery tickets from other states. This system fosters a diverse and competitive lottery market within India. This includes several large scale lotteries like the Dear Lottery, Bodoland Lottery also known as Assam Lottery, Kerela Lottery, Punjab Lottery etc. People look up the results of these lotteries by searching up lottery sambad which is often misspelled as lotari song bad.

Bilateral Agreement Between India and Bhutan


To enhance economic cooperation and foster mutual development, the governments of India and Bhutan entered into a bilateral agreement. This agreement underscores the intent of both nations to engage in trade and other economic activities that benefit their respective economies. As part of this agreement, the Bhutanese government is authorized to sell its lottery tickets in India, provided it adheres to the Indian Lottery Act. The stipulations of the agreement are clear: any deviation from the Indian legal framework regarding lottery operations by the Bhutanese government would result in the immediate revocation of the license. Furthermore, such violations would prompt the enforcement of appropriate international legal actions.

State-Level Acceptance in India for Bhutan Lottery

Despite this agreement, not all Indian states where lotteries are legal have embraced the sale of Bhutan Kanchenjunga lottery tickets. This selective acceptance highlights the nuanced regulatory environment within India, where state governments exercise considerable autonomy over their lottery markets. Also, the online sale of most of these lotteries is prohibited within the Indian subcontinent. It includes dear lottery or lottery fax also whose online sale is also not allowed as bringing the purchase option online would mean the decimation of it’s geographic prohibitions.

Branding and marketing of the royal Bhutan Lottery

As it stands, all paper lottery tickets issued by the Bhutanese government are branded under the names Kanchenjunga Lottery and Royal Bhutan State Lotteries. These brands have become synonymous with Bhutan’s lottery offerings, representing the country’s commitment to maintaining a robust and transparent lottery system.

The royal Bhutan lottery summarised

In summary, the Kanchenjunga lottery, managed by the Bhutanese government, is a well-structured and enticing lottery option that operates daily, providing numerous prize opportunities for participants. The bilateral agreement between India and Bhutan facilitates the sale of these tickets in India, contributing to economic collaboration between the two countries. However, the acceptance and sale of these tickets vary across Indian states, reflecting the diverse regulatory landscape of India’s lottery industry.

Our Commitment

Bhutan Lottery happy face.

At, we firmly believe that enjoying hobbies like playing the lottery should be done in moderation and with careful consideration. Our core principle is to promote ethical and responsible lottery participation.

We strongly encourage individuals to understand the financial implications and associated risks before beginning their lottery journey. It’s essential to delve into the details and fully grasp the potential outcomes to make informed decisions about your level of participation. If you want to take a break, visit our section on taking a break from lottery playing.

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